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It’s no new story that heroin addiction has been on the rise which in turn is becoming an additional battle for the addicts seeking treatment. With so many heroin addicts wanting to enter rehabilitation facilities, they are becoming overcrowded, making it near impossible to successfully and comfortably complete their program.

For one young man in New Jersey, he met his fatal end from a heroin overdose due to the fact that he was turned away from several treatment facilities because his insurance would not cover the cost – according to Business Insider. So, what makes so many people turn to heroin? A majority of heroin addicts began their path of substance abuse with prescription painkillers, but when that becomes a habit too expensive to maintain, they turn to heroin for a similar and cheaper high.

The Facts Of Heroin Addiction & Treatment

According to WCPO Cincinnati, there are four main components to treating a heroin addict, meaning there are also four battles the addict must face when trying to get into treatment. Keep in mind that the uphill battle to getting sober is difficult enough, and when you add on additional struggles that may have been one of your triggers in the first place, complicates the overall process even more.

The Withdrawal

When a heroin addict is going through withdrawal, it feels like their bones are shattering, they’re consistently sweating from every part of their body, and they suffer from unimaginable chills and shaking. While the withdrawal doesn’t kill, it’s difficult for many addicts to persevere and surpass this phase of overcoming substance abuse. If an addict is not properly monitored during the withdrawal phase, there is a greater chance they will likely relapse with a lower tolerance and overdose because they aren’t away their tolerance has weakened.

Not Enough Beds

Over 30 million Americans are currently battling an addiction of some kind – whether it’s alcoholism or drug abuse – and with heroin addiction having nearly doubled from 2007 through 2012, more and more people are seeking treatment.

  • In 2012, 23.1 million American’s attempted to receive treatment for their addiction.
  • Only 2.5 million actually received aid.
  • 12,000 addiction programs nationwide – according to the Treatment Research Institute of Philadelphia.
  • 10 percent are residential facilities.
  • 10 percent are methadone specific.
  • 80 percent are outpatient programs.

The Battle With Insurance

One of the biggest issues surrounding addiction is insurance companies who are willing to cover the costs. While many companies will cover the initial 30-days, many addicts require between 60 and 90 to fully recover. No addict has successfully completed treatment in a mere 30-days, it takes time, focus, and dedication over a period of time to properly develop a successfully treatment plan.

The Outrageous Costs

When an addicts insurance company won’t cover the costs of their residential treatment facility, that’s when the prices really spike. For the standard 30-day inpatient stay that insurance companies cover, it can cost around $5,000. However, the average cost is $30,000 so, when the addicts surpass that initial 30-days and require more treatment – that’s when the bill adds up.

  • Heroin detox – which lasts three to five days – can cost up to $3,000 with the proper detoxification drugs being administered and proper monitoring, as well.

If you’re one of the addicts seeking treatment and your insurance company won’t cover the costs of the hospital you’re detox-ing at, they may even require the payment upfront.

Heroin addiction is a serious epidemic that is spreading along the United States like wildfire with overdoses making the headlines left and right. Therefore, there needs to be an initiative put in place to battle this unfortunately affordable addiction. After there have been reports of “bad batches,” of heroin, as well as dealers using any route imaginable to deliver the product – something needs to change.


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