Extended Care

South Florida Substance Abuse Treatment

Why is the relapse rate so high after residential treatment? The answer is simple: No Aftercare! The most important lesson to learn from residential treatment is that it is not a cure all. Lifescape Solutions is a gradual step down program that reintegrates our clients into society with the coping skills necessary to sustain abstinence. By the time clients have completed our aftercare program they are well on their way to a life of great success and achievement. We assist our clients with vocational and educational assessments and have partnered with college based programs to help clients gain admission into school. In addition our experienced and certified job and recovery coaches are trained to assist clients with securing employment within the career they are most passionate about. Phase II of our program consists of 60 days of 20 or more hours of group, individual, and recreational therapies with the purpose of solidifying and building on the structure, coping skills, and internal motivation achieved in the Phase I program. Clients continue to receive instruction on changing behavior patterns, recognizing relapse triggers, and assessing and evaluating daily thoughts, actions, and behaviors to permanently encourage positive change, growth, and contribution. Continued services in Phase II programming include:

  • Individual Therapy (the first step in establishing which substances were chosen and why)
  • Specialized Group Therapies (integration with others for childhood trauma or substance abuse treatment to overcome the addiction)
  • Vocational/Educational Assessments with Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (continue to show a positive path to the client)
  • Resume Building and Job Coaching/Mock Interview Seminars (confidence and skill building treatment)
  • Assistance with College Applications (understanding and implementing continued education)
  • Trauma Therapy (addressing any triggers of past childhood trauma or relapse of chemical substances)
  • Hypnosis (clearing the mind of any emotional trauma, while keeping the knowledge of the experience)
  • Recreational Therapy (activity based, to remind the body of life before substance abuse and drug addiction)
  • Spiritual Program (meditation program, designed to lift uncertainties of life, calming the spirit)
  • 12-Step Meetings (foundation of addiction recovery)

Certified Job and Recovery Coaches assist clients during this phase of treatment to identify their passions and career path, take the steps needed to achieve these goals and provide the encouragement to continue thriving. Of course, this is also the time where patterns of behavior tend to re-emerge. That’s why all our clients continue with their individual therapist for support and determination with making behavioral changes, while group sessions continue to practice the clients internal motivation through the continued process of assessment and evaluation. As the clients begin to gain more freedom through the reintegration process, the spiritual growth continues with the spiritual program. Clients also continue with recreational therapies by attending weekend outings within the accountability program, while building on positive relationships developed during Phase I. The purpose of Phase II treatment is to help clients solidify the relationship building process, assess behavior patterns, and solidify coping skills, all while enhancing themselves spiritually. Lifescape Solutions’ Phase III program consists of 90 days, made up of 15 hours a week or more of individual, group, and recreational therapies to assist clients with maintaining abstinence during their transition into independence. Lifescape Solutions understands the importance of continued support during periods of transition, when our clients begin their career/educational path, and as they come back into society. Clients receiving services under Phase III treatment continue to address problem behaviors and problem areas that arise during independence. Some of our Phase III services include:

  • Individual Therapy (one-on-one coping skills for substance cravings, triggering trauma)
  • Specialized Group Therapies (discussing how to move forward, and hold themselves accountable)
  • Recreational Therapies (to practice proper nutrition in addition therapy)
  • Case Management (continuing to discuss any previous childhood trauma’s that led to substance abuse)
  • 12-Step Meeting integration (seeking substance abuse supports)
  • Help with working with the clients 12 step sponsor (understanding history, and how to address it)

We understand the importance of building a recovery fellowship and for every client to feel they are a part of a larger community. Lifescape Solutions Phase II and III programs continue to assist clients with building healthy and lifelong relationships as a part of a community. Although we encourage all clients to participate in our residential program, Lifescape Solutions offers Phase II and III treatment to any individual seeking assistance with maintaining sobriety. Client’s who have graduated from a separate residential treatment are welcome to join Phase II and III programming. Join Us in Sunny South Florida in the heart of the recovering community for an Extended Care Experience unlike any other offered in the World! Lifescape Solutions welcomes Florida residents and out of state residents for a recovery experience unlike any other. Our staff have been helping people from all over the world recover for more than 30 years to lead sober and fulfilling lifestyles. In short “We Build Lifelong Relationships,” with “Lifelong Solutions.” Our Alumni are a testament to the effectiveness of our combined psycho-educational and spiritual model of treatment. Please contact our highly experienced and compassionate counselors NOW at 1-877-502-5067 to discuss residential rehabilitation options or answer any other questions and concerns. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We work with almost most Major Insurance Companies