Dr. Philip Diaz – MSW LLD (H) DACACD
Phil Diaz is an owner of Lifescape Solutions and Let Your Soul Evolve, substance abuse and mental health treatment programs that practice Spiritual Growth Therapy. Phil Diaz is a Gestalt therapist, with 30 years of experience in the healing profession. He is the co-author of six books on addiction and spirituality. His work with Native Americans and other indigenous people have led to his insight into spirituality and the human condition.

Paul Alleva, MSW, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Paul Alleva is an owner of Lifescape Solutions and Let Your Soul Evolve. He is a philosopher, author, hypnotherapist and a spiritual guide. He lives in South Florida with his wife, Lisa, his son, Dominick, daughter Bre’Anne and twins, Leo and Santino.

Jordan Boudle, President and Marketing Director

Spencer Kinard, Director of Admission
Spencer is a partner at Lifescape Solutions and Let Your Soul Evolve. He is a director of Admissions Representing the unique recovery curriculum offered by Lifescape Solutions, he is able to expand the scope of treatment options he offers clients by guiding them into both the traditional and the holistic programs offered. Having worked in the field of addiction and recovery for several years, Mr. Kinard has developed a keen sense of insight of a variety of recovery choices and long term support methodologies. Mr. Kinard offers empathy, guidance, and expertise, always with the goal of helping clients find a pathway to recovery that works for them.

Dr. Antoine, MD, Resident Psychiatrist and Medical Director for Substance Abuse

Dr. Philips, MD Resident Psychiatrist and Medical Director for Mental Health

Lisa Louth, PhD LMFT, Executive Vice President of the Clinical Department
Lisa Louth, PhD LMFT, has worked with victims of violent crimes and addiction over the last ten years, initially as a student therapist at Nova Southeastern University and more recently with Palm Beach County Victim Services. She specializes in the areas of hypnosis and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Lisa holds a Masters and Doctorate Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Lisa has had extensive success with treating clients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as addiction, initiating in clients not only a sense of hope but also the skills necessary to achieve success in their everyday lives.

Marnie Barrett
Marnie Barrett is a practitioner of the SCIO and Indigo biofeedback system, which she acquired to help advance the concepts of natural energy healing using the powers within each of us. She has many years of experience working with groups and individuals on metaphysical, spirituality, natural healing and soul progression concepts as well as alternative healing modalities. Her evolution into practitioner was a natural result of her long time commitment to advancing the power of the energies around and within us. She is a member of local and international energy and biofeedback practitioner groups.

Richard Habberley, Director of Operations

Sima Alavi, ARNP
Sima Alavi is a Board Certified Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She began her career in 1995, after graduating from the University of Miami and continued on to earn her masters in the field of mental health with specialization in both children and adults. Sima Alavi is currently working on her Doctorate and is in the process of publishing work in various aspects of psychiatry.

Renee Tong, Clinical Director, MSW, RCSW
Renee Tong obtained her Master Degree from Barry University in Clinical Social Work and she is a Registered Clinical Social Work for the state of Florida. Mrs. Tong is a mental health therapist with specialty in substance abuse, trauma and co-occurring disorders. Over the years, her career spans from all levels of care which included detox, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient services. This background led her to establish clinical programs in all levels of care for many treatment facilities and provided leadership within the clinical team. Mrs. Tong’s compassion and integrity are the core of her practice. She honors the unique path of everyone that she works with, creating a safe place to produce changes that promote quality of life.

Gina Savino, Evening IOP Program Manager, Primary Therapist, LMFT
Gina Savino is originally from Connecticut. Gina graduated from University of Connecticut and moved to Florida to attend graduate school. She is currently a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and hopefully will be starting her PhD in January. Gina has worked at a psychiatric hospital and with the Department of Juvenile Justice for many years with specifically the chronic mentally ill population. In addition, she led the drug court program for Miami and Broward Counties. In addition, Gina does extensive volunteer work for animals and works as an activist for animal rights.

Ann Marie D’Aiuto, Mental Health Program Leader, Primary Therapist, LMHC
Ann Marie D’Aiuto, M.S. LMHC has been working with co-occurring diagnosis adults and children since 2005. Ann Marie graduated from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL with a Master’s of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling. Ann Marie currently is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and continues to work with the mental health and substance abuse population to effectively treat and enhance the lives of those affected.

Marissa Blanco, Mental Health Program Leader Primary Therapist, LMHC
Marissa is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She has an MS in Mental Health Counseling and BA in Psychology. Marissa has an extensive background in working with varying degrees of mental health disorders. She has worked in psychiatric hospitals, juvenile detention centers, and outpatient treatment centers specializing in substance abuse, mental health, and behavior disorders in children through geriatrics.

Mike Mayhall, Primary Therapist, RMHC
Mike Mayhall has a Master of Science in Psychology from Kaplan University and is a registered mental health counselor in the state of Florida. Mike uses solution focused therapy and is goal oriented with the clients, assisting them to achieve the goals they wish to accomplish. With a specialization in addiction, Mike plays an integral role in transitioning clients from outpatient level of care into the real world. On Mike’s spare time, he can be found reading books at Starbucks or walking his dog in the park

Cathy Bilotti, MHC
Cathy Bilotti holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Florida Atlantic University. She began her career as the owner and operator of a restaurant chain where her passion to help people began. Mrs. Bilotti brings a unique ability to connect, nurture and develop trusting relationships to the field of mental health. She believes that through developing trusting relationships and building rapport with her clients and their families, she is better able to confront relevant issues, thus increasing the possibility for a successful outcome. She has experience with individual and group therapy assisting clients to pursue a new beginning and achieve desired goals.

Morgan Shope, Primary Therapist, RMHC
Morgan is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern with the state of Florida. She holds an M.Ed in Mental Health Counseling from Florida Atlantic University and a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication from the University of Central Florida. Morgan has experience conducting therapeutic services treating a wide range of mental health issues and substance abuse in various settings with diverse populations. She is currently training to specialize in Psychodrama, Bioenergetics, and Hypnotherapy

Courtney Singer, Primary Therapist LMHC
Courtney Singer is licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in Florida. Ms. Singer received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Florida State University and Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. She has worked with a diverse population of individuals with dual diagnosis. Her range of experience includes working with clients afflicted with chronic and persistent mental health illness, substance abuse, and intellectual and cognitive deficits. Courtney has treated individuals and families struggling with anxiety, depression, chemical dependence, trauma, marriage/relationship problems, and adjustment issues to name a few. Her therapeutic orientation can be described as eclectic but always with a focus on cognitive behavioral treatment methods.

Gregory LoForte, Primary Therapist, LMHC
Gregory Lo Forte M.S. LMHC has been contributing to the well being of others since 2008 when he started Applied Behavior Analysis with children, adolescents, and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectually Disabled and other co-occurring disorders. Gregory graduated from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL in January 2012 with his Master’s of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling. Gregory currently is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor working in substance abuse field to effectively treat the disease of addiction.

Kimberly Gould, Director of Quality Assurance
Kim relocated to South Florida from her hometown of Salem, Mass. Kim is a certified Child Development Associate whom is also trained and certified in CPR. Kim provides quality assurance and maintaining facility’s documentation quality and compliance. She ensures that charts reflect the great care we provide to our clients. Kim’s passion to help others and her free spirit provide comfort and empathy to new clients.

Molena Mia-Diaz, Family Program and Family Advocate Supervisor
Molena Mia-Diaz supervises the Family Advocate Program and the Family Program. She began her spiritual journey in 1985 when she was introduced to the works of Deepak Chopra. She started attending a Unity Church after moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 1994. Molena is ordained as a Minister in the Universal Life Church and has been a Reiki Master since 1998. She is also a Re-connective Healing Practitioner, Job Coach and Recovery Coach. In January 2010 Molena co-founded the Heart Space Group with her husband Philip Diaz. Molena has traveled around the world in her quest for spiritual education and has gone through many personal development training workshops.

Michael Santorsola- Supervisor of Case Management and Intake Department
Michael Santorsola,has a Bachelors in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University and a Masters in Business Administration with a Concentration in Healthcare from the University of Phoenix. He has eight years of experience in education prior to joining the field of substance abuse and possessing a background in mental health with experience in a non-profit. He worked in a mental health facility working with individuals that have a co-occurring disorder for the past 4 years, and while working there he was able to gain extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system as he was part of the Palm Beach County Drug Court Program. His passion lies in seeing clients progress first hand and empowering them to reach their goals and aspirations. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling with his wife and family.

Docus Sampa, Residential Manager
A native of South Africa and Zambia, Docus is a Certified Nursing Assistant. She is trained and certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Behavior Tools, and CPR. As a Residential Treatment Manager, Docus provides a sense of family and positive attitude to the clients in residential housing and outpatient treatment. Her ability to always be available, along with her dedication and passion make Docus the “go to” person in all aspects of assisting the clients. She is one of Lifescape Solutions’ greatest assets. Docus currently resides in Delray Beach, Fl and enjoys doing Cross Fit in her spare time.

Joe Ricci – Residential Manager, Certified Recovery Coach, N.C.I.P.
Joe Ricci, a New Jersey native, has been working in addiction recovery for two years. He is a CCAR, Recovery Coach, and Nationally Certified Interventionist Practitioner. He is dedicated and enjoys working with clients to help them find their best pathway to recovery.

Robert W. Meyer (Rob), Director of Alumni Relations and Certified Recovery Coach, Pursuing CAS
Rob is a New Jersey native. He relocated to South Florida in 2011 to enter the recovery industry after working in the Utility field for over 13 years. He has now dedicated his personal and professional life to helping those with addictions.

Rob joined Lifescape Solutions as the Director of Alumni Relations after having held various positions in the recovery field, starting from the ground level up as a Behavioral Health Tech, Alumni Coordinator and Admissions Counselor.

Rob is currently enrolled in a CAS program to further his credentials. In addition to his job roles, Rob’s passion resides in creating engaging social programs for both residents and alumni to encourage a life well lived in sobriety, and is a valuable link for clients after they graduate from residential care.

Rob enjoys a variety of hobbies that he says keeps his lifestyle full such as riding his Harley Davidson, going to meditative yoga, manicuring Bonzai trees in his home garden and exploring new-age artwork and music around the world.

Alyssa Hennigan – Utilization Review and Certified Recovery Coach
Alyssa Hennigan, Originally from Monmouth County, New Jersey moved to Florida in 2011. She has an associate’s degree in general arts and is working on her bachelor’s in business. Alyssa handles legal, financial, medical and educational services at Lifescape Solutions. She is a very valuable member of the Lifescapes community, bringing a positive attitude, she is very eager to learn. Alyssa enjoys meditation and traveling in her spare time.

Ani Smith
Ani Smith is originally from Boise Idaho, she moved to Florida 11 years ago. She has a bachelor in Arts, English, Literature and Spanish. Ani also worked with kids post commitment and for 7 years advocated with foster children with the “Guardian ad Litem” in Palm Beach County. Ani is very understanding and unique which makes her a very good member of the Lifescape Solutions family. In her spare time Ani enjoys traveling to the Caribbean and Central America.

Barbra Bruno

Christian Acevedo

Deborah Evans

Elisa Saunders – Alumni Director
A Florida native. She has a BA in Communication and plans to get a MSW in Social Work. She has been a Palm Beach County School Teacher for the last 13 years. Elisa is also very active in many charities in the community and is a leader in Student Ministries at Christ Fellowship. She is in the Junior League and was honored as Palm Beach’s Finest Women of the Year for Cystic Fibrosis 2013 for raising money on her own for the cause. Being in recovery herself she decided to change careers due to her passion and love for helping people.

Evan Lefever


Joan Roth

Julie Klauck
Originally from Phoenix Arizona, Julie moved to Florida a year ago. She is a certified Behavior Health Technician and has worked in this capacity for the past 3 years. Julie is a very understanding and genuine person, always there for clients in their time of need. Her avocation and support of the cliental is unmatched. In her spare time Julie enjoys riding Harley Davidson motorcycles and spending time at the beach.

Karen Marcelin

Katie Forlano

Ketleine Lorency

Kristy Quaka
Kristy Quaka received her Bachelors of Arts in Social Psychology and her Masters of Counselor Education from Florida Atlantic University. Kristy is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor specializing in Vocational/Educational services and is the key staff person who helps support our clients in career development and college entrance. Prior to joining Lifescape Solutions, Kristy worked in a variety of clinical settings including a home for teens, residential and outpatient treatment facilities providing therapy to adolescents and adults in individual and group settings. She utilized multiple theoretical perspectives and techniques in her work with addictions and co-occurring disorders.

Mike Alleva
With the responsibility of assisting referral sources for early identification with our substance abuse patients, Mike Alleva holds a crucial role at Lifescape Solutions. Mike also identifies and assists patients with the admission process and admission criteria, as he understands how it can be a stressful time. He is also responsible for conducting pre-admission assessments and coordinating the admissions to our facilities. Establishing, developing, and maintaining referral sources is occasionally needed, and Mike can gain placement for those who may need another provider – which also correlates with his ability to provide interventions, recovery coach training, and other services to selected population groups. Promoting chemically free lifestyles and assistance with identifying individual problems is also part of Mike’s role at Lifescape, therefore he also participates in exhibits, conventions, and workshops – all as directed.

Natalie Petrie

Netricia Campbell
Trish holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and has over a decade of experience in the social services field.She is trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention Techniques and is currently pursuing certification as a Recovery Coach. She has worked in various settings ranging from acute inpatient psychiatric units and substance abuse programs to transitional residential housing programs . Her passion is to serve those with mental health and substance abuse needs . As a Case Manager, Trish’s knowledge and experience allows her to explore resources and advocate for her clients to give them the best chances at success possible. She enjoys traveling to the Caribbean, listening to music and spending time with her loved ones.

Nicole Difilpo

Richard Hamman

Sean Miller

Vanessa Hynds

William Budd

Patricia Angeles-Case Manager
Patricia Angeles has been working in the social work field for the past 20 years. Patricia has earned her political science degree from SUNY Albany in 1995. Patricia has worked in the mental health/substance abuse field for the last 5 years. Prior to that she worked exclusively in the foster care field with “at risk” youth. Patricia was the regional chairperson for the “Fresh Air Fund” for 12 years. Patricia is an avid snorkeler and spear diver.